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Commercially validated Architect

James has fulfilled numerous roles as an Architect of various specialisms; Solution, Application, Business, Strategy, and Enterprise.

The Architecture paradigm that James employs to build his Strategy Models, align with his intent-based leadership approach to empowering high-performing development teams.

The value-based outcomes are a result of clearly articulated Business Goals (Strategy Planning), through to accurate execution and delivery (Software Development).

Enterprise Architect: Skills


Please get in touch, I'm most interested in opportunities where I can be challenged to solve commercial problems, relating to technology.

I'm also interested in hearing about any Chief Technology Officer positions, preferably in Financial Services, although I will consider other sectors with a progressive Leadership and complex challenges.

In addition, I'm also interested in diversifying my skills and experience across different industries as a Non-Executive Director. 

Please submit your details below and and my Resume will be made available via a download link.

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